New plastic camera

Bought this medium format plastic camera in a flea market in Bogota for pennies. What's good about it is that it has no batteries or mechanism because it's so shit, therefore very easy to know if it's broken or not. Although I haven't passed a film through due to lack of photo products around the countryside of Colombia and the state of my finances by the time i got to Caracas, I'm pretty confident it'll work fine. If not I could always sell it on ebay to the disalusioned lomography fans for 500 times more what it's actually worth ( a few pence at a market)

Rockers (1978) - Happy new year 2010!

Best wishes for 2010! I have been busy recently and haven't updated my blog for a while. It'll be a while longer until i start again as i'm preparing for a trip to the carribean and south america. Will be back in may to start blogging like a beast. The website should be up then as well. First stop this year: Kingston, Jamaica...

Rockers, best film to come out of JA:


Below's a list of cameras I am still to bag. If u see any of these in a carboot sale, in the market, a friend's attick, in your mum's cupboard or from a yardie behind KFC, don't hesitate and get it for me. These are mostly compact cameras.

Nikon 28ti

Ricoh GR1s
Ricoh GR1v
Ricoh GR21

Konica Hexar AF

Olympus Stylus Epic

also called something like

Olympus u[mju]II

Yashica T5 also called T4 super

Leica CM

Lomo LCA

And Contax T2 / T3, Olumpus XA (pictured in the family photo)