Vinyl Santa and a small part of his collection

3 days of diggin at his yard and didn't uncover a fraction of the records he owned. One day it rained hard. No english drizzle! some real tropical thing. The streets were like rivers and we were stuck here standing on boxes listening to cumbia while he attempted, in vein, to save a few layers of stacked records...


What can you do? you can't fight mother nature!..

Cap Calcini and the Reggae Box Project, Kingston

The Reggae Box Project and Cap Calcini is run by Lucas. If you wanna get some records, check collectables or just have a drink of rum, he's your man. Ended up spending a few days hanging out there. Great man. Bless!


And on the way to see Lucas, met Earl Anthony in the street up from Half Way Tree. Here's his live street chat of his digi killer tune 'Sensi Man Rock'. Email me if you're interested in getting a dubplate cut by him...

More Portie

A few more flix from Port Antonio + a video of Lyteral giving us his 'Jamaica' tune on the streets of Manchioneal. We stopped by outside this house by the road which had a load of records dumped outside, shrivled, broken, scratched. So we salvaged what we could off the floor as Lyteral and his man came to mingle...


Blacka Blacks

This smooth sounding rasta is Blacka. I worked with him in Westmoreland on a farm. My videos are all shit compared to this one. For those who have listened to the jamaica mix we made with MrWolf, this is the man behind the good/the bad/the worste and the 1 chop/2 chop philosophy. blessings going out to him...