plastic camera

1st Diana shots

Bought this diana camera for a few pennies in a market in Bogota. It was cheap cause colombians are not quite so advanced at marketing cheap plastic cameras as expensive must have art accesories. couldnt find a meduim format film in the city in time so the first roll was exposed in, u guessed it, England!


New plastic camera

Bought this medium format plastic camera in a flea market in Bogota for pennies. What's good about it is that it has no batteries or mechanism because it's so shit, therefore very easy to know if it's broken or not. Although I haven't passed a film through due to lack of photo products around the countryside of Colombia and the state of my finances by the time i got to Caracas, I'm pretty confident it'll work fine. If not I could always sell it on ebay to the disalusioned lomography fans for 500 times more what it's actually worth ( a few pence at a market)

City X

There was a day I was taken by high contrast saturated colours. This has not lasted. there is only so much colour I can cope with. And the whole lomography pop hype makes me wanna vomit. Do not ever buy a lomo lca for more than its worth, a fiver. They go for 60 to 100 pounds on ebay. people are getting ripped off. It's a shit russian made plastic lens compact camera. I have to hand it to the marketing company though who have built a cult following of inimaginative little fools willing to pay a fortune for this camera. If you want to have a go at this, I did and it was fun, buy a cheap camera with shit lens for 3 pounds. Although I dont wanna advertise this, these were taken with a vivitar ultra wide somthing something, cross processing some expired slide film. Some people say they are the poor man's lomo..but i have seen some cheeky fuck selling them for 30 pounds on ebay because of its new found status. Jokers!!



Here are few shots taken from the train in France. Trackside is a beautiful landscape, a visual gallery and makes the train my favourite mode of transport. Taken with a plastic £3 plastic camera, no photoshop tricks.. enjoy the ride..

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