City X

There was a day I was taken by high contrast saturated colours. This has not lasted. there is only so much colour I can cope with. And the whole lomography pop hype makes me wanna vomit. Do not ever buy a lomo lca for more than its worth, a fiver. They go for 60 to 100 pounds on ebay. people are getting ripped off. It's a shit russian made plastic lens compact camera. I have to hand it to the marketing company though who have built a cult following of inimaginative little fools willing to pay a fortune for this camera. If you want to have a go at this, I did and it was fun, buy a cheap camera with shit lens for 3 pounds. Although I dont wanna advertise this, these were taken with a vivitar ultra wide somthing something, cross processing some expired slide film. Some people say they are the poor man's lomo..but i have seen some cheeky fuck selling them for 30 pounds on ebay because of its new found status. Jokers!!