South London

There's that word again. 'Regeneration'. One of my most hated modern words. Synonim of great things to come, it usually implies the worst for the residents (usually poor) and big profits for the developpers (usually rich in course to get richer). All disguised in promises of a beautiful, usefull and usually essential future. Heygate estate in Elephant is getting demolished and the residents are getting robbed! Evictions and raw deals! Put aside the misery caused to the residents, architectually I'm in love with these housing estates, with balconies linking your neighbours's front doors. They are icons of london architecture and if they're not recognised as so they should. I live in one of these in Brixton (although much smaller and less spectacular) and i wouldn't swap it for no other. Victorian architecture was frowed upon ounce and now they are listed buildings. And so will some of these later builds if u give it time. long live concrete!

Copyright - Alexander Bartsch