The News and John Pilger

I like to get well informed on the news and the stae of the world. I have therefore given up on watching the news on TV. BBC news is rubbish, biased and very thin. It covers only 3 topics at a time, day after day, hour after hour. Usually including a brainless celebrity like Britney Spears. You know when Britney features in the so called world affairs you will not get the right picture of the state of the world. Rather than feed on this misinformation of daily news, get the real picture of this world by watching researched and factual reports by good independent journalists. You won't get the most up to date news but at least you will have a good understanding of what is really going on. And your new found information will be relevant to most issues especially that of America's empire and rule over the world.

I recommend to you to read and watch reports by John Pilger. The War on Democracy, his latest documentary studies the american's rule on south america. Palestine is still the issue covers the occupation of gaza by israel. The new rulers of the world talks about the new economic order : globalisation. So don't watch the news, it's just entertainment for the masses and get informed!